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The staffing industry goes digital: Discover how Unifiedpost and Federgon reduced the paper pile

Federgon, the federation of HR service providers in Belgium, represents various companies in temporary employment, recruitment and selection, outplacement, and other fields. It represents the interests of its members at federal and regional level with governments, advisory bodies, employers' federations and political decision-makers.

Federgon Network for work, as a pioneer in digital applications, plays a key role in promoting innovative solutions and advancements in the HR industry. Members of Federgon guarantee a correct and efficient service, and strict follow-up. They get access to tailored legal advice and specialised information on social law and sector regulations, including updates on relevant legislative changes. Federgon regularly collects market figures and conducts research on sectors and the labour market.

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The challenge

Using paper employment contracts and legal documents poses specific challenges. Physical transmission can cause delays in dealing with urgent situations and there is a risk of losing, damaging or inadvertently destroying the documents. Temporary workers also had to physically make their way to the agency office to sign their contracts. This was often not feasible between the time of the call and the start of employment.

Managing paper documents is difficult, especially given the large volume an interim agency processes. Sharing paper contracts with multiple stakeholders is problematic and requires making and sending copies, which is time-consuming and inefficient. Moreover, enabling simultaneous collaboration and editing is difficult, and making every change means going through the whole process again.

For Federgon and its members, it was necessary to find a way to streamline and digitise this process to increase efficiency and reduce the error rate.

The solution

Unifiedpost has developed two powerful solutions that meet these challenges with Interimsign and AdminBox. Interimsign is a unique service that allows temporary workers to sign their contracts online, via a link they receive by text message. This method is simple and intuitive, making it possible to sign contracts no matter where the temporary worker is located.

AdminBox, on the other hand, is a central platform for managing contracts and documents. Temporary workers can access this platform with a personally chosen password, where they can find all their documents from all temporary offices, regardless of which office they work or have worked at. All documents are securely archived and accessible for up to five years after the end of a temporary assignment.

"We at Federgon are pleased to witness a growing trend of digital contract conclusion in the realm of temporary employment. This development brings forth numerous benefits for all parties involved, including employees, employers, and temporary employment agencies. The adoption of digital applications offers maximum flexibility and minimizes administrative burden, fostering a more efficient and streamlined process. " - Ann Cattelain, CEO of sector federation Federgon

The Benefits

The implementation of Interimsign and AdminBox has brought several benefits:

  • Efficiency: The digitisation and centralisation of contracts and documents have significantly increased the efficiency of managing agency staff. Time and effort previously spent on physically printing, sending and storing documents are now freed up for other tasks.
  • Speed and flexibility: Interimsign allows temporary workers to sign their contracts quickly and flexibly, regardless of their location. This has significantly reduced the time between the offer of a contract and the start of employment.
  • Accessibility: Thanks to AdminBox, temporary workers can now access all their documents and contracts at any time, providing a better overview and greater transparency.
  • Environmental friendliness: By reducing the use of paper, Federgon contributes to environmental goals and reduces its carbon footprint.

Key Takeaways

  • Federgon and Unifiedpost have teamed up to digitise the staffing industry and increase efficiency.
  • Interimsign and AdminBox are two powerful online services that have greatly improved the management of employment contracts and documents for both employment agencies and temporary workers.
  • Interimsign enables temporary workers to sign contracts online regardless of their location, significantly reducing the time between the offer of a contract and the start of employment.
  • AdminBox is a central platform for managing contracts and documents, allowing temporary workers to always have access to all their documents and contracts, regardless of which office they work or have worked at. This provides a better overview and greater transparency.


By implementing AdminBox and Interimsign, Federgon has taken a crucial step towards full digitisation. It has created an efficient, secure and user-friendly system for managing agency contracts and documents. This has not only reduced the administrative burden for staffing agencies, but also improved the experience for temporary workers.

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