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Secure and efficient eHerkenning solution

eHerkenning is the safest way for entrepreneurs to log in. By using an eHerkenning token, you gain access to all affiliated organizations through a single, unified login process, alleviating the burden of multiple passwords.

With our eHerkenning solution, Z login, your company can conduct online business seamlessly with hundreds of organizations. eHerkenning is a Public – Private initiative under the supervision of Radiocommunications Agency for secure login to (government) organizations, especially for companies.

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Streamlined access to affiliated organizations

Gain seamless access to a large network of affiliated organizations. Say goodbye to multiple credentials and hello to a unified and streamlined login process

Cost-effective unlimited usage

We offer unlimited usage of your eHerkenning token at a fixed annual cost. No hidden charges or unexpected fees for additional authorizations.

Compliance with privacy legislation (GDPR)

Ensure that your eHerkenning level 3 authentication meets all necessary privacy legislation requirements. Rest easy knowing that your business is fully compliant with GDPR.

Effortless chain authorizations

Simplify your interactions with government agencies. You can easily issue chain authorizations, enabling your intermediaries to act on your behalf.

Explanation of the solution

Z login, thé sure choice for eHerkenning

Z login is the all-in-one solution for eHerkenning, providing a secure and user-friendly platform to manage your organization's eHerkenning tokens. Our Beheermodule offers efficient oversight and control for a seamless process.

eHerkenning streamlines your online business transactions, akin to DigiD for businesses. With Z login's comprehensive eHerkenning tool, gain seamless access to government agencies and service providers. Our solution is a Public – Private initiative under the supervision of Radiocommunications Agency for secure login to (government) organizations, especially for companies.

Enjoy unlimited usage without constraints, leveraging the full potential of eHerkenning. Our transparent pricing model eliminates unexpected costs and authorizations, simplifying budgeting.

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Explanation of the solution

Enterprise solution

The Z login Enterprise Solution offers eHerkenning management with fewer resources by connecting multiple companies/branches to a single resource. The Beheermodule allows effective management of resources and permissions. For complex organisations, they offer help from specialists in the resource application and issuance process.

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Explanation of the solution

Chain authorizations

Chain authorizations allow organisations to authorise intermediaries to carry out work on their behalf with government departments. The intermediary can use their own eHerkenning token to log in on behalf of multiple organisations, without the organisations themselves needing eHerkenning. The initiative for obtaining a Chain authorization usually lies with the intermediary, and they can request access to the Chain authorization functionality via the Beheermodule after requesting a quote. As an organisation without eHerkenning that wants to authorise an intermediary, it is advisable to discuss this with the relevant intermediary first.

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What problems does our solution solve

Streamlining access and security

Password overload

Say goodbye to the struggle of managing multiple passwords for various organisations. Z login's eHerkenning solution unifies your login process, making it more efficient and secure.

Compliance challenges

Navigating privacy legislation such as GDPR can be complex. With Z login's eHerkenning level 3 authentication, your company stays compliant with ease.

Unclear pricing

Hidden costs and unexpected fees can disrupt your budgeting. Z login's fixed annual cost guarantees predictable expenses and unlimited usage.

Streamlining interactions

Managing chain authorizations with intermediaries becomes effortless through Z login, simplifying your dealings with government agencies.

Levels of trust

3 levels

There are several levels of trust of eHerkenning available that can be purchased via Z login. This level is determined by the service provider you want to log in with.
- eHerkenning level 2
- eHerkenning level 2+
- eHerkenning level 3 (recommended)
- eHerkenning level 4

Find out all about the different levels here

Z login helps thousands of people log in securely every day.

Need help applying for eHerkenning? The Z login Customer Service team is at your service.

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