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Digitizing invoice processing for MSC Belgium

MSC, the Mediterranean Shipping Company, stands as the unrivaled global leader in container handling and container shipping. Renowned for its unmatched expertise and capabilities, MSC seamlessly connects communities, customers, and international business partners worldwide through its comprehensive transport and logistics solutions. MSC's unwavering commitment to forging enduring partnerships with clients of all sizes is evident in its expansive network of over 500 offices. This extensive presence ensures the delivery of a truly global service with a localized approach, as MSC strives to provide tailor-made solutions and personalized support to its esteemed clientele.

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The challenge

MSC Belgium NV faced significant challenges due to a high volume of containers, resulting in a large number of invoices (approximately 550,000 per year) and extensive paperwork. The manual processing of invoices was time-consuming and prone to errors. Additionally, the need to manage and store physical documents created logistical complexities and added costs. To overcome these challenges, MSC Belgium NV recognized the importance of digitizing their invoice processing workflows to improve efficiency and customer service.

The solution

Unifiedpost offered MSC Belgium NV a comprehensive digitization solution to tackle their challenges. MSC Belgium NV, being a pioneer in adopting advanced practices, embraced the use of XML in addition to PDF for sending invoices. This adoption of modern technologies allowed MSC Belgium NV to streamline their invoice processing workflows and embark on a digital transformation journey.

As part of the solution, MSC Belgium NV's customers were provided with convenient access to their invoices through UP presentment, a dedicated portal. Additionally, MSC Belgium NV chose to implement Unifiedpost's e-archive solution, enabling the digitalization of their paper documents and invoices. This comprehensive approach ensured that MSC Belgium NV could securely and efficiently store, manage, and retrieve their electronic documents.

By combining electronic invoicing, advanced data formats like XML, and the e-archive solution, MSC Belgium NV achieved significant improvements in efficiency, cost savings, and customer satisfaction. Customers had the flexibility to access invoices through the Unifiedpost presentment portal or deliver them through trusted networks such as Peppol, ensuring seamless communication and document exchange.

"By embracing digital transformation and adopting Unifiedpost's comprehensive digitization solution, MSC achieved substantial cost savings, improved efficiency, and enhanced customer satisfaction. Our transition to e-invoicing and electronic document storage resulted in significant paper savings, and eliminated the need for rented storage facilities. Through this collaboration, we have streamlined operations, reduced costs, and delivered a truly global service with a localized touch." - Patrick van Dessel, Chief financial officer of MSC Belgium

The benefits

By embracing our digitization solution, MSC Belgium NV experienced numerous benefits.

Firstly, the switch to e-invoicing significantly reduced costs associated with paper usage and document storage. The company eliminated the need for printing vast amounts of invoices, saving kilometers of paper annually. Furthermore, MSC Belgium NV no longer required rented company halls to store incoming documents, leading to substantial savings in terms of facility costs.

Additionally, the digitization efforts brought added value to MSC Belgium NV's customers. The availability of invoices in electronic format through the portal or trusted competitors enhanced convenience and accessibility for customers. MSC Belgium NV achieved greater efficiency and accuracy in their invoice processing, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and streamlined operations. On average, the company sends around 46,000 invoices per month, highlighting the scale of the benefits gained.

Key figures

  • Facility cost savings from eliminating rented company halls
  • Monthly invoice volume: 46,000 invoices


MSC Belgium NV, the global leader in container handling and shipping, faced challenges with a high volume of invoices and paperwork. Unifiedpost offered a comprehensive digitization solution, including e-invoicing and document storage. The solution resulted in significant cost savings, improved efficiency, and enhanced customer satisfaction. MSC Belgium NV now sends more than 40,000 monthly invoices digitally, saving kilometers of paper annually and eliminating the need for rented storage facilities. The collaboration between MSC Belgium NV and Unifiedpost successfully streamlined operations and embraced digital transformation.

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