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Optimizing efficiency and reducing costs: Securex introduces digital registered mail

Securex Group is an international player in the field of social administration and HR for individuals, starters, the self-employed, SMEs, large companies and partners. With more than 100 years of experience in the sector, they offer real expertise from well-being & prevention to payroll, leadership, career development and insurance. Today, Securex is present in several European countries and supports daily 95.000 companies, 150.000 self-employed and 5000 partners.

In Belgium, Securex offers health and safety services, human resources consulting, insurance services and support to the self-employed.

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The challenge

Securex manages the social contributions of thousands of companies every day as part of its operational tasks. Entrepreneurs and self-employed workers who are behind on their payments need to be reminded via registered mail. The problem is that many recipients never pick up the letter, resulting in high costs for Securex.

Failure to pay social security contributions on time has consequences for the companies and self-employed workers involved, as well as for Securex itself. Delays in payments can cause financial problems for all parties that depend on these revenues.

Managing the reminder process and following up unclaimed letters requires a lot of administrative effort from Securex. This leads to additional workload for employees and distract them from other important tasks. A solution to streamline the process to save costs and reduce workload was needed.

The solution

With Digitally. Registered., Unifiedpost offers a qualified and trusted solution that allows you to send registered letters digitally. Using Design & Compose, Securex easily generates templates for the documents they want to send registered mail. Via a secure SSL connection, supported by a GlobalSign certificate, Securex connects to the Digitally. Registered. platform.

Recipients receive instant notifications by e-mail and open the document effortlessly with itsme identification. By digitising the process Securex reduces reliance on physical mail and distribution, resulting in significant cost savings.

Even if a recipient does not open the document within a preset period, or a bounce e-mail occurs, Digitally. Registered. offers a seamless transition to a paper process through Printing Company Leleu. Thus, a fall back is provided where registered mail is sent via paper.

Sexurex benefits from the efficiency, cost savings and reliable delivery that Digitally. Registered offers and can rest assured that, if necessary, the paper process will be started automatically. This benefits the workload of employees.

The benefits

  • Cost-savings: By switching to digital registered mail, Securex was able to significantly reduce the costs associated with printing and physical delivery.
  • Reliable delivery: Unifiedpost, an eIDAS-accredited service provider, is recognised and approved by the Belgian federal government. You can be confident that Unifiedpost adheres to the highest standards and that your documents are handled and delivered securely and legally.
  • Reduced administrative burden: The digital delivery process led to less administrative work at Securex. The paper process is started automatically when needed.
  • Faster delivery: The digital delivery ensured that the documents reached the recipient faster, giving them more time to clear the arrears.

Key takeaways

  • Sexurex was looking for a solution to reduce the cost and workload involved in sending and following up digitally registered mail.
  • With Digitally. Registered., Unifiedpost revolutionizes the traditional registered mail process, by digitalizing each step, eliminating the need for physical mail and distribution, resulting in significant cost savings of up to 80%.
  • Accredited by eIDAS, a recognition from the Belgian Federal government, Unifiedpost is a qualified trusted service provider ensuring legally mandated approval.


By implementing Digitally. Registered., a qualified and reliable solution from Unifiedpost, Securex has found an efficient and cost-effective solution for registered mail. Using Design & Compose, they can easily generate templates and connect to the platform via a secure connection.

Digitising the process has resulted in significant cost savings, less reliance on physical mail and distribution, and a seamless transition to a paper process if needed.

Securex benefits from the efficiency, cost savings and reliable delivery of Digitally. Registered. while reducing employee workload. This solution has optimised the reminder process and produced positive results for both Securex and its customers.

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